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Sunflower Seed Dehulling Machine

  • Monday, 01 July 2024
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Sunflower Seed Dehulling Machine

A dehuller can make all the difference in the world when you’re attempting to grow sunflowers.sunflower seed dehulling machine The hulls are a nuisance, as they don’t contain the oil and they also block the expression of the seeds. Until now, we’ve used a Bell hand mill to crack the husks open. But that’s a time-consuming process, and it only dehulls about half of the seeds in the shell. A commercial dehuller costs hundreds of dollars. So when we heard about a machine designed to dehull sunflower seeds quickly and efficiently, we were intrigued.

The machine in question is called an impact dehuller, and it works as follows. A circular rotor rotates inside a housing, on which an annular impact ring is mounted. The ring has under it fixed inclined rectangular fingers, or plates, that are spaced at an interval of one seed diameter from each other.

When the machine is turned on, seeds are fed onto the center of the rotor and accelerated into contact with the static wall. The rotary motion of the rotor, combined with the force of the impact against the hull, quickly and efficiently dehulls the seeds. The resulting mixture of big kernels, small hulls and unshelled seeds is then discharged into a container, or “hopper,” that’s attached to the machine.

The rotor blades b of my sunflower seed dehulling machine include a lateral inclined plate 4, the shape of which “invites” and causes seeds to enter channels 5 that extend across the whole length of rotor blades b. The inclination of the plates and channel 5 cause seeds to be thrown endwise in said channels as they pass through the impact zone of the rotor.

As they are ejected from the rotor, those seeds that are not hulled by the first impact will, because of their spinning inertia and the air current generated by the rotor, "lie down" on the impact hardened ring (FIG. 1). This causes them to again impact on the same area, but this time with contact along the lateral weld or fault lines and so to achieve a second hulling effect.

However, due to the high rotation speed of the rotor and short distance between it and the impact rings, those seeds or kernels that are not hulled by this second effect may rebound, injuring the rotor. To prevent this, accessory sweeping fins 3 are placed in front of the plates 4. As they turn, the tips of these fins sweep the way clean for seeds that fly out of channels 5, on their way to impact against the impact hardened ring. They thus prevent a third hulling effect.

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