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Apricot Hulling Machine

  • Monday, 08 July 2024
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Apricot Hulling Machine

Apricot hulling machine is professional equipment for cracking shells of different kinds of nuts.apricot hulling machine It is easy to operate and has a stable performance. It is also durable, economical and environmentally friendly. It can also be customized according to customers' needs. It consists of a feeding hopper, rollers, and an almond gravity separator. The gap of the processing rollers can be adjusted to match the specifications of different kinds of nuts. This nutcracker can handle a large amount of apricot pits in one batch and is suitable for both small and large scale production.

This apricot hulling machine is used to strip the hard shell of apricot kernels, hazelnuts and jujube. It consists of first-class processing shelling rollers and a vibrating screen. It can take off one specification of apricot kernels at a time, and the gap between the processing dehulling rollers can be adjusted. Its design is reasonable and the breakage rate is low, which makes it the most ideal nuclear processing equipment at present.

Among the barriers to the valorisation of apricot pits are the cost of an investment in a new technical operation, the risk that the result will be inferior to the existing one and the lack of interest of professional users (e.g. livestock farmers). In addition, the introduction of a new product will not have immediate benefits for them as long as they do not see its use in their feed. It is therefore essential to ensure the construction of a prior demand by demonstrating the technical and nutritional utility of this by-product in the livestock farming sector.

The potential of apricot by-products in the livestock sector lies in its multifunctionality, which allows it to fill gaps in the food chain. Besides its high protein content, it is rich in vitamin E, phosphorous and potassium. It is thus a valuable alternative to the traditional products, such as maize and soybean meal, currently used in animal feed.

However, the valorization of apricot by-products requires an adaptation of the current socio-technical system. The production of apricot by-products is concentrated in a few industrial sectors and involves the work of many employees. To increase productivity, a streamlined and simplified management of these by-products is required. A technical approach, based on an analysis of the relevant operations and the strategies of the various players in the value chain, must be deployed. In this way, the apricot by-product can contribute to the diversification of the Algerian livestock sector and improve the economic sustainability of agricultural production. The apricot cake-meal produced from this by-product has the potential to replace the imported soya bean-based products, which are more expensive and have a negative impact on biodiversity. This is a real opportunity that the government can exploit by promoting its use and increasing the availability of this by-product in the livestock industry. This will also benefit the livestock farmer, who will be able to save money on purchasing conventional raw materials and improve the quality of their cattle's diet.

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