Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine YTK2000

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Functions and Features

The sunflower seed processing line Model YTK2000 can de-hull seeds and separate shells from kernels. After almost ten years of stagnation on capacity increasing, we solved the bottleneck with bigger hullers and new pre-separation process.

The huller is different from that of TFKH1500, we use bigger and more impact ceramic part so the hulling efficiency increased by 60%.

In previous models, the un-hulled seeds get separated by fish-scale screens which are not efficient enough. This time, we separate kernels from seeds roughly with mesh which is far more efficient. After the mesh pre-separation, the kernels go forward for fine separation with gravity separators and un-hulled seeds get conveyed back to the 2 nd round de-hulling, with lower speed.

After the 1 st round dehulling, the un-hulled seeds’ shell will get loose, some of them are even half dehulled, so we arrange a lower speed to avoid breaking kernels. The two hullers’ impact force can be adjusted by frequency converter separately.


Power:With cleaner 21.98KW(380V)--Without cleaner 18.89kw

Processing Capacity:1500-2000Kg/Hour (Based on moisture 10-12%, sizes above 3.2mm long-square hole. Variety for de-hulling)

Whole kernel: 90% Min.

De-hulling rate:97%-99% Min.

Loss in the shells:≤0.1%

Occupied Area:12.1m x 2.8m(without cleaner) 15.4m × 3.1m (with cleaner)

Height:5.25m  Weight:6.5T/7.2T

We can custom-design a processing line for your special requirement. Please reach our sals manager for tailored service. 

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