Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine TFKH1500

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Functions and Features

The sunflower seed shelling machine Model YTK1500 is designed to de-hull seeds and separate shells from kernels. It applies multi-huller and wider screens to increase the processing capacity.

As a machine designed for producing high quality sun-seed kernels, the machine combined with raw material cleaner, kernels re-separators and re-circulating system for un-hulled seeds. Most of all, the de-hullers impact force can be adjusted by an inverter, which enables it to process different sunflower varieties.




It consists of feed-in hopper, spiral elevator, seeds cleaner, bucket elevator, de-hullers, shells collector, in-shell seeds re-circulating system, re-separators for un-hulled seeds, and electric control cabinet.

Whats New

 Faster huller designed: 8 ceramic impact part and more powerful motors.

  Wider screens than normal TFKH1500.

  Easier open cover of huller.

  Elevators chute easily folded for maintenance of hullers.

  Two years guarantee!


Main Parameters

Power19.12KW(with cleaner) , 17.26Kw(without cleaner)


(Remarks: The capacity is for confection type seeds with moisture about 12%, size above 3.2mm square screen. For same condition of oil type seeds it can process about 600-800kg/h, variety determines.)

Whole kernel90% Min. (kernels that less than 1/2 whole kernels are broken)

De-hulling rate95%-98%

Loss in the shells:≤0.3%

Occupied Area11.3m×2.8mx5.8m(Vertical type)  

                       or 14.3m x 2.8m x 5.2m(Horizontal type) 


We can design whole factory lines for your special requirement, 500-5000kg/hr.     


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