Pumpkin Seed Shelling Machine

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Functions and Features

TFP150/300 series pumpkin seed de-shelling unit is a de-shelling equipment specially designed for pumpkin seeds, gourd seeds, melon seeds and other melon seeds. Shelling and Hulls separation are completed simultaneously. The machine has a compact structure, high shelling rate, and the kernel damage rate has reached the lowest level in the industry. 

The improved shelling machine adopts a longer and wider sorting screen surface that improves the shelling efficiency and significantly reduces the breakage rate.

Features of this machine:

① Use wet shelling method, which will not damage the kernels;

② By improving the original shelling machine, the shelling efficiency is higher and the nut breakage rate is lower;

③ Apply cyclic shelling, and the unshelled grains will automatically enter the next shelling cycle;

④In the collection and processing of leather, you can choose leather blowing or negative pressure leather suction;

⑤The larger screening area enables the shelled nuts to be fully screened, eliminating the breakage caused by returning the kernels for shelling again;

⑥ White melon seeds of different specifications can be processed by replacing the sorting screen sections.

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