Pinenut Dehulling Machine

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ne nuts processing line


Brief Introduction

The pine nut processing is much more complicated than that of other nuts. The high nutrition value leads to higher prices in the market. Processors have to handle them very carefully to avoid any scratching on the surface, not to mention the breaking of kernels.  

The full factory machineries were invented for over 20 years and kept innovating since then. Now they are widely used in China’s Jilin province where is the pine nut processing center of Asia, as well as other countries like Russia, Korea and Pakistan.

We have received technological assistings from the Anzai Manufacturing, which we remain respect and gratitudes always.

Prcocess Flowchart  


Introduction By Steps

1. Cleaning and Calibrating

In this part, we use one slope belt conveyor, one Anzai 3300 type cleaner and one calibrating sieve. The cleaner can remove empty pine nuts and other light impurities. The calibrator can devide the pine nuts to 7 sizes.

Power: 380V, 3.2Kw,

Sizes: 7M*1.2M*2.5M (belt conveyor excluded)

Material: Carbon Steel,

Weight: 950Kg (belt conveyor excluded)

Remarks: If your nuts are clean enough, the cleaner is optional.

     If you can join the silo with the calibrator, The belt conveyor is optional. 

2. De-hulling   

We use 9 sets shellers here to ensure the capacity. Also you don’t have to change the screens all the time for different sizes.

Power: 308V, 1.5Kw(one set)

Sizes: 4.1M*1.1M*1.5M (one set)

Weight: 500kg/set

3. Hulls separation

 We use two separators in this step. The separator is developed on basis of Anzai 3300, but we redesigned the air channel to get better performance for pine nuts. Hulls in the kernels will be sorted out completely.Power: 380V, 2.2Kw/set, Weight: 100kgs


4. Drying

The pine nut kernels need to be dried in a drying chamber(Usually 12 square meters or more). The purpose of drying is to keep longer shelf-life. Also the drying process is necessary for the red-skin blanching. We use hot water as radiation medium by burning the pine nut hulls. We can supply the heating pipes as well as the drawers for containing kernels.   

 5. Red-skin blancher

The machine applies rubber rollers to remove the red-skin. The rubber use Bionics technology to simulate the skin of hands. it can remove the red skin gently without scratching the surface of kernels.

Power: 380V 1.5Kw

Size: 1.2M*0.8M*1.4M

Weight: 500kg

 6. Color sorting


In this section, kernels are checked by CCD sensors and brown kernels will be sorted out. The spectrum is specially designed for pine nut kernels recognition.

Power: 220V 50Hz,

Sizes: 0.85M*1.5M*1.6M (sorter only, with no platform)

Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

Capacity: 1000kg/hr

7.  Quality Checking with Belt

The belt is food grade rubber with stainless steel shield. There is one inverter attached to adjust the moving speed. There are two colors for choice: green and white.

Size: 4M*0.8M*0.9M (Length varies from 3m to 6m)

Power: 380V, 0.75Kw


8.  Weighting and Packing

Vacuum packing to drums for export.


9.  Other assisting machines

*Z-shape Elevator (stainless steel)

**Pine-nut kernels bin with wheels (stainless steel)


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