Mini Sunflower Seed Sheller

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BUGOO® mini seed shelling machine applies the centrifugal principle to remove the outer skin of seeds and automatically separate the kernels. After being screened by specific gravity, the unpeeled seeds are automatically lifted back to the shelling machine for cycle peeling.

This machine is suitable for processing sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, maple black seeds, oatmeal and other oil crops and miscellaneous grains for shelling and peeling. The whole machine has a rigorous structure, compact shape, high shelling rate, good separation effect, and is very convenient to operate and maintain.

  The whole machine uses 220V single-phase motors and can be used in baking workshops for seasonal small-batch processing, agricultural research institutes, grain trade purchase and inspection and other places.


Overall machine size (single head): 1750 x1400 x 2500mm

                             (double head): 1750 x1400 x 2700mm

Size after packaging: 1500x1570x2220mm

Power: 2.35KW/2.65KW

Processing capacity:

Single head: sunflower seeds 30-50kg/hour, hemp seeds 30-40kg/hour

Double head: sunflower seeds 50-70 kg/hour, hemp seeds 40-50 kg/hour

Cleaning rate: above 95%

Bare metal weight: 350 kg (single head) 370 kg (double head)

Weight after packaging: 550kg/570kg

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