Hemp Seed Shelling Machine

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Function and Features

The hemp seed de-hulling machine is designed for de-hulling, separating of shells and recycling the un-hulled seeds automatically.

The hemp seed de-hullers are controlled by frequency converter so as to meet the requirement of different varieties and moisture. The hemp hearts are rich of grease and easy to stick on the huller. We re-designed the huller with easy-open cover, replaceable impact ring.

On the new HDM series, we apply two hullers which are controlled separately by two converters. The un-hulled seeds are cracked by relatively lower speed so as to decrease the broken rate. We use two air channels separately to decrease the loss of kernels in hulls.

The heart(kernels) can be graded to be chips and whole kernels automatically in the end.


Machine Compose

HDM400: Hopper, Elevator, Hulling machine, Seeds cycling system, kernels bin, hulls re-separator, electric control panel.

HDM800: hopper, Elevator 2 sets, Hulling machine, Fine Separator, Shells Separator, Electric control panel.



Elevating Dehulling Hulls Separation Separating of kernelsUn-hulled seeds flow back for dehulling  Fine separation finished product


The hemp seeds should be cleaned and calibrated before dehulling to get better performance. We recommend 3.0-5.0mm sieve for calibration. Seeds smaller than 3.0mm or bigger than 5.0mm are usually not so good on de-hulling. For European industrial hemp, we can process starting from 2.5 or 2.0mm. 

Based on experience on hemp seeds processing, we can also design full factory processing line for your project: Color sorting, X-ray sorting, microorganism control, cold pressing and protein abstract, etc.

Contact our engineering department for details: info@bugoo.net 


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