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B.I.T. Series Color sorting machine is the cooperative fruit of  Chinese optical technologies.  Together with the experts from Meyer, We shared and built in our oil seeds and cereals processing data accumilated in decades. 

1. LED:Split LED design, Germany OSRAM;high brightness,  life-time up to 100,000 hours, and equipped with intelligent control dimming technology;

2. Sensor: Japanese TOSHIBA ;Industrial  color CCD of 160 million pixels, line frequency  10K, the minimum area of different colors can be up to 0.0004 square millimeters;

3. Lens:  Japanese NIKON, optical industry customized lens, with 150 line pairs of ultra-high resolution, low distortion:<0.2%, low color difference: <0.1 pixel, better imaging performance;

4. Processor:  ALTERA programmable logic device processor:  data processing speed>5500k bits;  data transmission speed> 210mhz; the system data acquisition and processing speed >3.125 Gbps, is extremely high;

5. Solenoid valve: customized solenoid valve for color sorter; All imported alloy materials, MATRIX technology introduced in Italy, shutdown time;

6. Operation interface: 15-inch HD industrial computer, Intel CPU, Windows operating system, 24-bit true color display, more realistic image display;

7. Intelligent operation interface, visual analysis of images, one-click analysis of the proportion of impurities to be removed and transfer of sorting parameters, easier operation;

8. Support remote control for mobile phone apps and monitoring equipment operation, convenient and fast;

9. Support Internet remote control, system upgrade function, HD image acquisition, visual system adaptive correction technology, self-learning statistical analysis technology, and one-key automatic parameter adjustment technology;

Frontward and backward vibrator adjustable platform, easy for multiple products.

BIT11/064975*1550*14002400.8250-500600-900500-800500-800700-1000800-1500800-1500Throughput of different grains                                                                                              (KG/H)
 Remarks: The above data   is based on the raw materials with the impurity content rate is 3%-1% after   cleaning.

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