Buckwheat Shelling Machine TFQM400

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Buckwheat Cleaning & Grading Machine CFQF800

This machine can clean impurities in raw materials and size seeds to seven grades. Vibrating motors applied are all CE certified.

I. Component

1. Input hopper  2. Cleaner  3. Bucket Elevator  4. Screen

II. Specifications

Power: 3.4Kw, (380V,3phase,50Hz)

Processing capacity: 1000kg/hr.

Length*Breadth*height: 11.8m×2.0m×2.6m

Buckwheat Shelling Machine TFQM400

The machine can de-hull buckwheat and separate shells from kernels. Those coarse bran can also be separated from kernels during this process. It applies dry method (seeds to be shelled directly with no thermal-treatment involved.)


1. Input hopper  2.Bucket Elevator  3. Hullers  4. Separator



Output: 200kg/hour min.

Yield of kernels:70-75

Un-hulled seeds in kernels:0.5max.

Brokens in shells:0.5max.

Length*Breadth: 5.7m×2.8m


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